Weekly Video Games Thread Wants Something to Play In a Snowscape

Happy Monday, Happy post-Thanksgiving, and Happy Weekly Video Games Thread!

Look, we’ve done this prompt before, but it’s always seasonally appropriate (and, to be honest, I’m doing this late at night after a lot of writing. Who knows; maybe this would have been Chanukah themed in another time): favorite snow level in a video game. But let’s mix it up by adding in other kinds of snow and ice. If you’re interested, alternatively, what about memorable times playing a game in or during a snowy season? Alternatively, what games do you wish had incorporated the genre, aesthetically or mechanically? Really, the topic’s your oyster. I wanna hear more people talk about how they love sliding block puzzles as much as I.

And, of course, we’d all love to know how your playing was this weekend. Please talk about it!