Speculative Television Tournament – Round 3

Hello, and welcome to the third round of my increasingly erractically scheduled tournament! I’m hoping to get these up more regularly this week with the aim of having the finals next week, but we’ll see how that goes. Before we get to the voting, here are some highlights from the last round:

  • The overall matches were very tight, and we ended up with two ties: What We Do in the Shadows and Farscape at 24, and Fringe and Quantum Leap at 31. I ended up casting tiebreakers for Farscape and Quantum Leap, as I felt that they’re both very seminal titles in this genre, but it was a tough choice as I love all four shows.
  • The biggest win belongs to Star Trek: The Next Generation, which blew past Loki in a 51-7 vote.
  • Bad news for fans of the Buffyverse, as both Angel and Buffy bowed out this round, though Buffy only narrowly lost to Doctor Who, 32-31.

And now, onto the votes!