Werewolf Crossing (#173): Day Two

Tom Nook sat at his desk. Four figures lurked in the nearby shadows, listening nervously.

“An island runs on bells,” said the Nookfather. “Bells go here, bells go there. It’s an economy. I am responsible for this island, and if the bells aren’t moving, I am failing in my responsibility. Capiche?”

“There are some on this island,” Nook said, “who think they can keep all the bells they earn to themselves without kicking up to the boss: me. I need you four to … disavow them of this mistaken notion. Starting with…”

Nook handed the four figures the photo of a stylish hedgehog.

Label had dedicated her life to fashion. After leaving the family business to pursue her own career, she found success giving the various villagers who visited her advice on how to theme their outfits. “When in doubt, accessorize!” she often said.

She could tell a lot about someone by the clothes they wore, so when four figures in trench coats and fedoras approached her, she got a sick feeling in her tummy.

“I’m liking the noir detective look,” she said, her voice quivering as she backed away, “but maybe you should consider a bit of spring color for your shURRRRRRRKKK–“

SIDE CHARACTER was LABEL, a hedgehog. He was also a VILLAGER (Town).

Elsewhere on the island, a little spirit was happily wandering through the forest, humming to himself. He loved the night, he loved his solitude, and most of all, he especially loved when nobody snuck up and scared him.

A lone figure skittered through the woods with nefarious intent. When they saw the glow of the spirit, they giggled and dove into a nearby bush.

As the spirit passed by, the figure leaped out at them, waving their arms and making scary noises.

“A G-G-G-G-G-G-GHOST!” the spirit shrieked, then burst into five pieces.

A ghost that’s afraid of ghosts? the figure thought. Too easy.

COPYWIGHT was WISP, a spirit. He was also a VILLAGER (Town).

(NOTE: See Role Descriptions, below, for the dead players’ powers.)

11 Villagers
4 Nook’s Crooks
2 ???

A minimum of three game-related posts are required each game day, though more is encouraged.

Living Players
Adam Farrar
Lamb Dance
Sic humor
Role Descriptions
COPYWIGHT (WISP // Villager): After you die, you are still allowed to comment in the main thread each day. You cannot vote or have access to the graveyard.

MSD (BLATHERS // Villager): As a night action, select 1 or 2 players. You can share animal or fossil-based fun facts with the chosen players. They will not know who sent the facts and you will not get a response. The fun facts can be true or made up. They have no game effect.

SIDE CHARACTER (LABEL // Villager): On Night 1 and Night 3, you may investigate a player of your choice and get a hint about their alignment.
Win Conditions
Villagers win the game when Nook’s Crooks and ??? have been eliminated.
Nook’s Crooks win the game when their numbers equal the Villagers and ??? have been eliminated.
??? win the game when all Villagers and Nook’s Crooks have been eliminated.
– If there is ever an equal number of Villagers, Nook’s Crooks, and ???, the game ends and a special ending occurs.

Twilight is at 10am PST (1pm EST) on Tuesday, January 11.