This Night Thread Was Colored by an Adult (1/6/22)

Over the holidays, my five- and two-year-old nephews invited me to color with them, and it was downright delightful, my first time coloring in a good 30 years. I’m not the best at art (in the same way that chickens aren’t the best at flying), but even I can color inside the lines (well, mostly), and turning off my brain and penciling in different hues was quite relaxing. So I bought my own coloring book and just finished my first masterpiece:

And you better believe I put it on my fridge! Move over, nephews!

Psychologists suggest that coloring can be therapeutic at any age, as it has been shown to reduce anxiety, divert stress, and relax the brain. It can even be useful in coping with addiction, trauma, and depression. The low-stakes nature of the project contributes to these effects. Obviously, YMMV (if you didn’t enjoy coloring as a child, for instance, you might find it a chore as an adult as well), but if you’re getting twitchy being stuck inside and/or contemplating the state of, well, everything, maybe give coloring a try!

Crayola and other sites offer free printable pages, and a wide variety of “adult” coloring books exist for purchase as well. Here are some fun pages:

So anyway, as midlife crises go, this one’s pretty pleasant. Have a great Night Thread, Avocados!