Werewolves 172 — Gremlins — Day Six

Fulton opened up his nightly can of Pepsi after another failed day of Gremlin hunting. Lousy town, I always knew they weren’t ready for the responsibility of owning mogwai. Why, if it wasn’t for me there’d be nothing but mogwai running around, just waiting to morph into Gremlins.

He finished the Pepsi and sat with his thoughts for a moment. They couldn’t even bothered to remember my name! It’s not Fulton, it’s Fuller. I’m everybody’s favorite cousin. He treated himself to another Pepsi.

Little did he know that upstairs, two Gremlins were plotting a nefarious trap. What they were building was hard to make out … the room was cluttered with pulleys, string, an 8-ball, some extra gutter, an alarm clock, two umbrellas, some copper wiring, a Polaroid camera, and finally a precariously placed bowling ball, high on a shelf above the bed.

Fuller, still muttering to himself after several carbonated nightcaps, did not notice the contraption nor hear the muffled giggles as he crawled into the hide-a-bed. Unbeknownst to him, a convoluted machine was laid out especially for Fuller.

The Gremlins sat in waiting near the doorway. After a few hours, they grew impatient … how long does it usually take? They double checked the copper wiring underneath the mattress — things would be working properly. The problem was that the mattress was still dry.

One gestured to the other that it had an idea. After some clutter in the kitchen, it returned with a bowl full of icy water. The giggling commenced once Stripe realized his compatriot’s plan. Wasting no time, the Gremlin placed Fuller’s hand in the bowl. Moments later it began.

The wet mattress created the connection necessary for the copper wiring to conduct electricity to the alarm clock. It buzzed, waking Fuller so he could witness the rest. An 8-ball was now in motion around the room, travelling via the gutters, pinging the camera and setting it off.

They reached a pulley that raised the ball and dropped it, first onto one opened umbrella, which sent it bouncing onto the second. Fuller watched in fear but also curious anticipation.

The smaller ball connected with the heavier bowling ball. The bowling ball dropped from the top shelf onto the head of the bed occupant with an ugly crack.

Indy // Fuller is dead. They were MR. WING (town jailer).

The Polaroid image was grabbed by grotesque, thin fingers. The two Gremlins took one look at the photograph and giggled, immensely pleased with their work.



There are currently 6 living players, and 2 Gremlins.

Win conditions:

  • Town wins when all Gremlins are exposed to sunlight.
  • Gremlins win when their numbers are equal to or greater than 50% of the remaining players left in the game.

Important rules:

  • Some players are Gremlins, some are mogwai, most are humans. More mogwai are created when they get wet. More Gremlins are created when mogwai feed after midnight.
  • Roles cannot target the same player twice in a row.
  • Stripe assigns the Gremlin night kill to an individual Gremlin (including, potentially, Stripe themselves).
  • Eliminated players will be roleclaimed.
  • Self-votes will not be counted, unless it is the vote that triggers autokill.
  • At twilight, the player with the most votes will be eliminated. In the event of a tie, all tied players will be daykilled. (Players must receive more than one vote to be eligible for a daykill.)
  • Anything posted in game threads (such as spreadsheets) will be considered part of the game, and therefore must abide by game rules. This means that if a player is eliminated, they should not update any materials which have been shared in-game.
  • Feel free to ask any questions on Discord or on the game thread.
  • Order of actions is: Jail >> Get Wet >> Feed After Midnight >> Night Kill(s) >> Investigate.

Neglecting the following rules, in spirit or by the letter, could result in a modkill:

  • No editing posts.
  • No quoting private messages unless otherwise instructed.
  • No game talk after twilight.
  • Respect your fellow players and their feelings. Attack arguments, not people. Everyone has a different play-style. Be accommodating to them.

Stripe — Stripe is the leader of the Gremlins. All they desire is to create an army of their kind. On day one, Stripe gets an unblockable recruitment that must be submitted well before twilight. Each night (including night one), Stripe gets to target one player to FEED AFTER MIDNIGHT. If the target is a mogwai, they join the Gremlin army.

Billy — Billy is a well-meaning pet owner, but he’s pretty clumsy. He often accidentally spills water and unknowingly creates more mogwai. Each night, Billy targets a varying number of players to GET WET and converts them into mogwai (only vanilla town players can become mogwai; if Billy targets anyone else, getting wet has no effect). In the case that Gizmo is no longer fulfilling his duties as town investigator, Billy takes over. Billy is town-aligned.

Gizmo — Gizmo is a resourceful little mogwai who can easily sniff out if another player is secretly a Gremlin in disguise. Each night, Gizmo targets a player and is told if they are a Gremlin, mogwai, or human. Gizmo begins the game town-aligned, but as a mogwai can be recruited. If recruited or killed, Billy takes over for Gizmo.

Mr. Wing — Mr. Wing does not believe this town is ready for the responsibility of caring for mogwai. Each night, Mr. Wing targets a player and locks them away, preventing poor mogwai care practices. Mr. Wing is town-aligned.

EXPOSE TO SUNLIGHT — Exposing to sunlight is a town power that can be used to quell the rise of the Gremlins. Each night, a town player will get a vig kill to be used on that night. Night one, the kill goes to Gizmo. Night two, to Mr. Wing. Night three, to Billy. After that, TBD. As mod, I reserve the right to remove these vig kills from the game at any time — these kills exist in lieu of an SK.

  1. Chum — Soseki Natsume, Emotive Novelist VANILLA TOWN
  2. copywight — Borg Teddy Ruxpin, Cuddly Menace
  3. Emm — Kitty Witless, Presumably
  4. forever VANILLA TOWN
  5. Indy — Fultonler, Bed Sharer JAILER
  6. Jake — Star Magic Jackson Jr., Hollywood Sequel Doctor
  7. Kaddish — Caga Tió, Log VANILLA TOWN
  8. Lindsay — Zombie Dominick, Zombie Donkey VANILLA TOWN
  9. Miss Rim — Jules, International Banker and the “Party Girl” of the Group BACKUP
  10. moonster — Guy Fieri, Mayor of Flavortown VANILLA TOWN
  11. MSD — Noelle, Festive Sibling
  12. Narrow — John Lithgow, Overactive Imaginer VANILLA TOWN
  13. Nate — Bon Jovi, Clumsy and Damp
  14. Owen — Snow Miser, Frustrated Toucher VANILLA TOWN
  15. Raven — Kristopher Kring, Sleigh Chaser
  16. Sic — Buddy, Cotton-Headed Ninnymuggins GREMLIN
  17. Side — Mogwai, Scottish Rock Band VANILLA TOWN
  18. Wasp — Leonard Maltin, Gremlins 2 Fan Favorite INVESTIGATOR

Twilight is at 9pm on Wednesday, 1/5.