The Wordle Day Thread (1/5/22)

I’m perpetually late to the party, so you probably already know about Wordle, the minimalist online word game that went from 90 players on Nov. 1, 2021, to over 300,000 players on Jan. 2, 2022. I just found out, though (thanks, Werewolfers!), and I’m a sucker for word games, so in case you’ve been oblivious like me, here’s how it works:

Josh Wardle, who created Wordle (get it?) with his partner Palak Shah, added a few more unique features to this simple, challenging, and wildly addictive game. For one, the site design is a deliberate throwback — no ads, no links, no logins, and few setting options — just an empty 6×5 grid and a keyboard. For another, only one Wordle game is available per day, and there is no archive at this time, so the Wordle itch can only be scratched sparingly. The site does track players’ stats (if on the same device/browser) and allow them to share results (but not answers) on social media,

but that’s about it. Wardle insists that he created the site as a treat for his partner that they then decided to release to the public, but he has no intention of monetizing the surprising hit. I applaud that, but I sure would love to play more than once a day. I need a lot of practice before I’m ready to tackle hard mode!

Have a great Day Thread, Avocados! May all your letters turn green!