Another Dope Jam for the Night Thread

Ground Control was a Canadian rap group from Ottawa, Ontario who released a 12″ single in 1991 (on Break North Records) and made a music video for their song “Another Dope Jam”.

In spite of seeing this video all the time on RapCity (Much Music’s rap music program) back in the day 1 I could find next to no information about this group 2 – and it doesn’t help either that according to Discogs there are at least 16 different artists that go by the name Ground Control. At any rate, I highly recommend this track to fans of Golden Age rap music as it more than lives up to its title.

EDIT: After doing a bit more digging, was able to determine that DJ King Swift now goes by the name Dirty Swift and is part of the production duo The MIDI Mafia. 3

Have a Great Night Thread, Avocado!