The Weekend Politics Thread Reaches a Resolution

♫ I can understand why you’d want a better man
But why you wanna make him outta me?
Well, I just muddle along, knowing my right from wrong
Why won’t you let me be? ♫

No one wrote1 better opening stanzas than Peter Holsapple in his prime. Not before, during or since. No one.

Named for Janus, the two-faced Roman god of doorways, January practically commands adherents to the Gregorian calendar2 to look back and ahead. And should you have found yourself in a bar early on New Year’s Day, you surely heard the pop rock tautology “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”3

So, how do you, dear Weekend Politics Thread header readers,4 plan to apply the lessons of 2021 to the future of 2022? In a political-cum-policy context, of course.

♫ Sometimes I feel
I feel like I’m spitting into the wind
Oh, I’m spitting into the wind
But I’m learning
Yes, I’m learning ♫

Another pop-rock song you’ve also definitely heard at least once in the 24 hours preceding the posting of this hectoring posits, “If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change.”5

The narrator of “Spitting in the Wind” recognizes his imperfections tanked his romantic relationship. He hates possessing that knowledge, but he understands that merely wallowing won’t benefit him or anyone else.

So, what part will you take in improving politics and policy over the coming 12 months? What did you not do last year that you can do this time around the sun?

♫ I can understand why you’d want a better man
But why do you wanna take it out on me? ♫

Chill, “Spitting in the Wind” narrator. We all unmake our own beds, as acknowledged right before the bridge. No backsliding.

How do you intend to move yourself and the rest us forward? Dictate some details below. Expect Uvular to request receipts come Dec. 31, 2022. He’s made riding herd on you lot his New Year’s resolution.