Sports Corner Looks Back at 2021

So much about 2021 that we want to move on from. Including a sports year that has struggled and will continue to struggle with COVID outbreaks, saw the passing of Henry Aaron and Elgin Baylor and just yesterday John Madden and many other greats of the games, faced far too many scandals involving toxic front offices, and is ending with baseball in a lockdown. But there were remarkable things that happened.

Like Simone Biles and Naomi Osaka taking courageous stands in favor of making mental health as important a part of sports as physical health. Like the NBA and NHL taking the lead on getting its players vaccinated (even if their current approach to outbreaks is a bit iffy), and the NBA conducting its own research into the spread of COVID that might be unprecedented for a sports league. Like Shohei Otahni’s two-way dominance, Giannis’s first title in Milwaukee, the incredible (if frustrating) endurance of Tom Brady, the dominance of the Tampa Bay Lightning, and Tiger Woods’s recovery from injuries that nearly cost him a leg. There was much to remember, much that will be remembered in a week, a year, a decade.

Feel free to share what you think you will remember. Or what you would like to forget. Or to just talk about the Lakers and the apparent demise of the Staples Center even though the building is, you know, still there.