It’s a Merry Christmas Day Thread from Fievel the Mouse

Don Bluth’s An American Tail is at least somewhat notable for having a Jewish protagonist, something which is not only crucial to the film’s plot, but also rare for a mainstream animated movie. The movie even begins with an enchanting Hanukkah celebration in which Fievel gets his cute little hat (before, you know, everything goes to shit, because this is a Don Bluth movie, and the majority of it consists of Fievel almost but not quite getting reunited with his family).

Anyway, go figure that Jewish mouse Fievel was used in a Christmas stocking promotion at McDonald’s that year. I don’t think Fievel even knows what a Christmas stocking is, but hey, whatever helps sell those gift certificates.

In fairness, these were pretty cute. We had a few of them at my house, and I wasn’t even born yet when this movie came out. Also, how fucking loaded are these kids? Why do they have a tree decorated entirely with these things? Do they all include McDonald’s gift certificates? Those kids are going to be swimming in Happy Meals for a while.

Merry Christmas, Avocados!