The McDonald’s Day Thread Catches a Falling Star

Once upon a time, Birdie and Grimace were searching for a gift for their good friend Ronald McDonald. They were looking around in the woods, as people do when they are Christmas shopping. Anyway, a star fell from the heavens and crashed down next to them, killing them instantly and turning McDonaldland into a wasteland populated entirely by Fry Guy zombies.

Alright, I’m kidding. And I’ll stop with the snark, because I actually love this 1989 commercial, largely because it’s included on one of the most beloved Christmas VHS tapes in my home (the blockfeed includes A Garfield Christmas, A Claymation Christmas, A Charlie Brown Christmas, and Frosty the Snowman). And the best thing about this tape is it has ALL of the commercials included on it.

Anyway, enjoy this cute story, and then get hungry for McDonald’s food. I myself could really go for a Shamrock Shake right about now, but sadly they aren’t in season.

Have a beautiful day, Avocados!