The Pits: Best in podcasting and videos 2021

Editor’s Note: Feel free to post as big or as small of a list as you would like below but please keep your lists contained to these posts and do not make your own post or fill up the OT with them. The winners will be announced alongside the other winners of The Pits the week of 12/21 and will be calculated by adding up your lists (10 points for first, 9 for second, etc. with 5 per awarded for unranked Top 10 lists). Ranked lists with under 10 contenders are totally fine as well. The preference is for ranked lists to aid in determining a winner, but you are not required to rank them.

Hello, and welcome to the Pits for the Best in Podcasting and Videos for 2021! Just like last year, we’re going to have three categories, two for podcasting and one for videos:

  • Best Podcast (comedy)
  • Best Podcast (non-comedy)
  • Best YouTube Channel

I realize that the line between comedy and non-comedy in podcasting can be a bit fuzzy at times, but just use your best judgment. If a particular show seems to be split between categories, I’ll just shift it over to wherever the majority of people have put it.

*Don’t feel obligated to nominate only YouTube channels, if there’s another online video production on a different platform that you want to nominate, feel free.