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The Friday Politics Thread

Its Friday! I’m making this a tad late, you see I spent the better part of my Thursday out and about trying to get some final Christmas decor and when I was not doing that my power was out. So I don’t have much of a preamble or a ramble. This makes me want to gamble with skipping it and shipping it this week with just the rundown of headlines. I’ve still got a song this week though. It’s one of my favorite Christmas Tunes. From The Kinks it’s Father Christmas a song about a bunch of poor kids hassling a Department Store bell Santa demanding that instead of wasting time giving them toys that he give them all money and jobs for their parents because poverty fucking sucks. It’s a kickass little punk song and the guitar work is really great. Check it out!

Link Roundup Yeehaw!!!

  • Jessie Gender with another political video (check out her more OT appropriate Trek videos too) this time on how PragerU (PU) converts otherwise trans affirming folks to transphobic ones

That’s all folks! Tune in next week for the annual Hog Poggle and Raffle! Don’t threaten any McSquirrels and remember: Be excellent to each other!