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Wednesday Politics Thread

She’s too old. She’s too young. She’s too pretty. She’s too ugly. She’s too skinny. She’s too fat.

She never laughs or shows joy. She laughs too much and the sound of her laughter irritates me. She controls powerful men. She’s at the beck and call of the elite. She’s scheming and calculating. She’s too gullible and a shill. She manipulated and engineered her husband’s success. She got where she is by riding her husband’s coattails. The high position would give him a lot of power and influence on national and foreign policies. The position is just decorative and holds no meaningful power whatsoever, she has nothing to do but show up and look pretty.

She slept her way to the top. No one wants to fck her. She’s always in front of the camera. She’s hiding from the press. She worries too much about the safety of her Nation. She doesn’t take national security seriously. She takes on too much. She takes on too little and only the easiest meaningless tasks. She’s too Black. She’s not Black enough. She works too hard. She’s too lazy. She’s too qualified. She’s unqualified.

She’s too Woman.