Careful of the icy patch! It’s A Muppet Family Christmas Night Thread

1987 was the year I was born, and it was also the year some of my very favorite holiday specials premiered on television. One was A Garfield Christmas, which I think has become criminally underrated over the years. It’s sweet, funny, and extremely warm. Another is A Muppet Family Christmas. Airing as part of The Magical World of Disney, it was sort of The Avengers of its day. It was the first time all of the Muppets–including the Sesame Street gang and characters from Fraggle Rock–were all together. And it was marvelous.

It’s one of the fuzziest, nicest Christmas specials out there. Sadly, it’s never gotten a proper home video release due to various copyright issues (if you buy any of them, you won’t be getting the complete show), but it is available in its entirety on YouTube. Also, back in the day when it aired on NBC, it was accompanied with this delightful intro by then Disney honcho Michael Eisner…

Have a lovely night, Avocados! And remember, if someone gives you a Fraggle Pebble, pass it on! And above all, be CAREFUL OF THE ICY PATCH!

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