Santa’s Christmas Night Thread Starring Whizzo the Clown

One magical Christmas, Whizzo the Clown held a Christmas party for a bunch of children. He created a time machine and they all looked at creepy holiday store displays. Then they visited Santa. But nothing really happened there. Then they all went home and Whizzo went to sleep. I guess that counts as a movie.

Santa’s Christmas Circus Starring Whizzo the Clown is a would-be television special that somehow got theatrical release. Somehow. I guess someone saw this in movie theaters when it played. Maybe. It’s not really about Santa so much as it’s about Whizzo, so if an hour of a clown doing clown things sounds like you’re thing, then this might be for you. The “film” has been covered by Rifftrax as well as various YouTube comedians, which is probably the only reason anyone ever talks about it now.

Have a fabulous night, Avocados! As with the recent beaver thread, I do apologize in advance for the nightmares.

13: SANTA'S CHRISTMAS CIRCUS - "Something Weird Video" (1966)