Gettin’ Corny! Sunday Food Thread 12/5

Once again I’m taking inspiration from an Open Thread from the previous week. Forget It Jake took us down the “Corn Fork” rabbit hole on Thursday so why not corn on Sunday?

What’s your favorite way to eat corn? When it’s really fresh (as in picked that morning) I will swear by only heating it up enough to get it hot and then a little butter and salt. When those ears are fresh and at their sweetest you really don’t need to add much if anything at all.

Back when my younger stepson was maybe 12 years old we were up in Wisconsin at my family’s place. Since there were a lot of us there (4 cottages worth of family) and it was mid-August the consensus was to do a corn boil at the beach. My cousin and I set out early that morning and returned with six or seven dozen ears of corn that were harvested that morning. We filled a 40 gallon stock pot with tap (well, actually) water and set a bonfire going. During the day my stepson who was watching the proceedings asked, “What’s for dinner?” When several of us gave a hearty shout of “Corn!” he grumbled back, “That’s not an entrée.” We conquered his skepticism after he’d eaten his third ear of the freshest corn he’d ever seen. The next morning he wanted to know when we’d be doing it again.