1990’s Hip-Hop/Rap Tournament: The Final Four

Well, this is what I get for pointing out this tournament’s almost total lack of upsets: three of our top four seeds went down this round, making for a pretty eclectic final four. Even so, this header belongs to an artist who, in a startlingly abbreviated amount of time looking back, would come to define 90’s rap in a lot of folks hearts and minds: The Notorious BIG. I could go for a deep cut, or something a little more gangsta, but come on. What other rap video is more 90’s than…

Round Four Notes and Observations

  • Most Votes:  Outkast with 36. I think this is the first round where Wu-Tang didn’t get the most votes.
  • Least Votes: The Notorious BIG, with 11, which just feels wrong.
  • Most Lopsided Matchup:  Outkast 36, De La Soul 13
  • Closest Matchup: Missy Elliott 23, Public Enemy 22. Wow.
  • Least Votes to Advance: Missy Elliott with 23, one less than the Beastie Boys, who beat A Tribe Called Quest 24-21.
  • Most votes in a Loss: Public Enemy‘s 22
  • Most On-Brand Avocado Result: Gotta be Missy over PE.

Avocados, your Final Four. Round closes 12/6 at 8pm ET.