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The Friday Politics Thread is not feeling Supreme

This week’s Tom Lehrer song is one of my favorites it’s The Irish Ballad a parody of folk songs and a pretty good Murder Ballad in its own right. Not particularly political but it fits my dark and angry mood right now over the Supreme Court deciding to cut reproduction rights in two (in two!)

If you find this song is too long you should never of let him begin (begin!)

Now for this week’s regularly scheduled roundup of articles and other things I’ve read or seen this week

  • For all you nerds in the audience today who like some looks into how the societal sausage is made Jan Misali has a video out defending the American Imperial Measurement system (don’t worry Metric fans he still prefers metric.)

Alright remember no Hog Poggles and McSquirrel Quarrels and heed the words of Abraham Lincoln: Be Excellent to each other