1990’s Hip-Hop/Rap Tournament: Round of 8

Given the almost total lack of upsets so far in this tournament, at least just going off of the seeding, it’s probably not exactly accurate to apply the “Cinderella” label to anyone. If we were going to give it to anyone though, it would probably be LA’s own Pharcyde, who, great as they were, I would probably be surprised to see ranked so highly on any website other than this one.

Elsewhere in the bracket… let’s just say form held, giving us at least a few results that would draw some side-eye elsewhere on the internet. You just keep doing you, Avocado.

Round Three Notes and Observations

  • Most Votes:  Wu-Tang Clan and Outkast, both with 34
  • Least Votes: Ice Cube, with 6
  • Most Lopsided Matchup: You guessed it, Wu-Tang 34, Ice Cube 6
  • Closest Matchup: Missy Elliott 26, Snoop Dogg 20.
  • Least Votes to Advance: De La Soul with 24
  • Most votes in a Loss: Snoop‘s 20 just wasn’t quite enough
  • Most On-Brand Avocado Result: I’m tempted to say Missy v Snoop, but I think A Tribe Called Quest‘s absolute thrashing of DMX, 30-8, is probably the one. Honorable mention for Public Enemy doing likewise to Nas, 30-13.

Round Four closes ~8pm ET, 12/4