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The Black Friday Polotocs Thread

Lehrer is the unofficial official musical cohost of Fridays

It’s that time of year again, the most sacred of all American Holidays is upon us again. Friends I am talking about Black Friday! I’ve got a lot of thoughts about today and because you bought the ticket you can’t escape the ride!

The festivus season is upon us!

First off: Anyone remembers when Black Friday was one day a year? The change started when someone cooked up Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. In addition to that nowadays all the stores are going “Deals for days! So many discounts you’ll puke!” and starting the sales like a week before Thanksgiving happens. If I thought this change would provide relief to the poor beleaguered retail workers it’d be great… but I really don’t think all the extra pomp and circumstance makes the day-to-day any easier especially if you combine it with Thanksgiving Groceries shopping. If you go out shopping please be extra nice to the workers for like the next few evers.

Next: I’m not opposed to materialism. I am a Material Girl and I do live in a Material World after all. The effort I am expected to go to is really excessive though. No gaming console no matter how state of the art and cool it is is worth getting pushed, shoved, and trampled just to lose my item to an Amazon Scalper buying the store’s mandated item limit. TVs aren’t worth taking a number and waiting for my appointment to walk in and pick it up like my TV just landed at the airport. No items in general honestly are worth risking exposure to a deadly disease just to get into a cramped building to get a hold of. Shopping should be easy and breezy. Rant over!

In Other News: 1. Germany has a new national government and they’ve got some exciting items on their platform including a focus on Trans Rights!

2. Rashida Tlaib endorses The Breathe Act to help massively reduce over-incarceration in The USA. The Axios guy appeals to boogeymen in an attempt to discredit it and her

3. Alright alright alright we’re doing a celebrity punching above their weight class again potentially with Matthew McConaughey set to make an announcement about whether he’ll run for Governor or not. Just start small and be a State Senator or County Representative dude.

4. Here’s some good vibes courtesy of Vox about why you don’t hear about the Ozone layer anymore

Remember to support your local clam fighter, tip your waitress, salute your shorts, don’t Pog The Hoggle, and be nice to old man McSquirrel times are hard after Dina Dingo beat him in his mayoral race.