The Post-Tryptophan Night Thread

I hope everyone had a safe and pleasant day today, whether or not you live in the States, celebrate Thanksgiving, or simply one or neither of the above. I turned forty-seven today and was happy to do so in relative solitude (and, more importantly, quiet). Trying to put myself in a position to do a lot next year (the general plan is to try and pick up where the first two months and change of 2020 left off) and today’s offered a lot of space to marshal my thoughts.

Got a fair amount of painting done, made jambalaya, had some wine, watched a good chunk of MST3K, Tom Baker in Conversation, and may go in for some TNG later (my dad wants to FaceTime at some point but I’m not sure when that’s likely to be). Gearing up for a busy weekend (there’s a huge college football game going down Saturday at noon and I work in a local restaurant) but happy I’ll have Sunday off. I had a few ideas for a Night Thread but now all I want to do is just kinda zone out, so that’s what’s happening.

In that spirit, offering this space as a place to chill (like that wouldn’t happen anyway); I know so many of y’all have some kind of family annoyances around this time of year and I’ve been lucky to overwhelmingly avoid them for the most part (that’ll happen at Christmas). Wishing everyone an enjoyable and fulfilling holiday season if at all possible.