Beatles 4 Thanksgiving: The 11/25 Day Thread Gets Back

Happy Turkey Day to all the USAians out there! I hope you have a marvelous day with plenty to eat of what you like with people you love. For those in tough situations, my sympathies, and may things get better quickly. For those not celebrating or outside the US, may your day go smoothly.

This Thanksgiving, apart from turkey and gravy and dressing (NOT stuffing, that’s inside the bird) and cranberry-cherry sauce and salad and green bean fried onion casserole and apple and pumpkin pies1, I have something else to look forward to. The Beatles! Even better, something NEW from the Beatles!

As most of you know, The Beatles: Get Back premiered Part 1 today on Disney +, an over six hour2 look at the January 1969 sessions which became the film and album Let It Be. Peter Jackson has directed the series based on the film originally directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg to give a deeper and more insightful look into that era. This won’t be a review; I’ll do that later. But I will be noting my thoughts on each episode for the next three days 3 as I watch for the first time. I’ll put time markers down if you want to follow along. So let’s go!

UPDATE: Well, that was the plan, but I’ll spare you. There’s so much going on you could drown in it. Instead, I’ll just say that Part I focuses on the first week at Twickenham, and it’s obvious that John and Ringo are just along for the ride, Paul is enthusiastic, and George is not happy. I think that’s apparent from the very first day. He gets into it at times, but Paul is more focused on John’s input, and when George presents his songs no one seems excited about them, and you can tell he’s stewing. The final day of footage Paul is goofing around with John, and George’s face…It finally came to a breaking point.

Anyway. It’s a lot for anyone but hardcore fans, but a ton of good music. The sound restoration is fantastic. I can hear things I could never hear on the bootlegs, or even on the Let It Be Super Deluxe album. *chef’s kiss*

Lastly, I’ll give you one timed comment because it indicates my personal enthusiasm:


Happy Thanksgiving!! Part II tomorrow!