Weekly Japanese Pop Culture Thread (November 24, 2021)

Hey, what’s up, Avocado? Mikey here. And welcome to the Weekly Japanese Pop Culture Thread! Last week when I mentioned I was going to Anime NYC over the weekend, Grumproro approached me with the idea to guest host the thread and talk about the trip. I’ve never hosted a thread before for the site – and I only did it once back during the Disqus days – but the idea intrigued me so I agreed to it. As a starting point, here is the video I edited of my day there with friends:

As a Youtube content creator this is the point where I say “Be sure to like and subscribe!”

I got to the convention center at 8:30 AM Saturday morning. I’d heard about how the Friday lines were so long that people were waiting 4 hours to get in, but overnight they reorganized the check-in process so it only took me about a half hour to get in. The first thing I did was head over to the Voice Actor Autographs Section to add a few more to my collection on a single My Hero Academia volume 1 and get the VAs for Lupin the Third to sign my Blu-Ray of Lupin The Third: The First. I also took a picture with Lupin’s VA, Tony Oliver, whom I’d taken an online acting workshop with last year while “Stuck At Home.”

I spent basically the rest of the day wandering around the show floor, checking out various booths. J-Novel Club was selling physical copies of their books so I picked up volume 1 of Ascendance of a Bookworm – they threw in a free dust jacket and a couple bookmarks with it. Yen Press’ booth was selling advance copies of upcoming books plus giving away a bunch of free promotional material for various series – Dog tags for “86,” posters for books, etc.

Someone took a picture of me at the booth holding that Sabikui Bisco poster, though I don’t know if they were with Yen Press or a news outlet or something. If anyone sees that picture online, let me know.

And then I walked through Artist Alley to see what people were selling. Got some nice prints and keychain charms.

Bottom left is Shiki from the series Kemono Jihen, which I got at his VA, AJ Beckles’ table. He told me that I was actually the first person ever to get this print from him at a con.

All in all, I had fun at Anime NYC and am happy to be able to get back into doing the convention/events scene after The Extended Time At Home. And since this website likes its Simpsons references, I leave you with a picture I took of artist/cosplayer Meatgiri as Steamed Hams But Anime Girl.

Well Meatgiri I made it, despite your directions.

Now then:

What have you been watching/reading/playing/eating/listening to lately?

Happy Wednesday!