The 11/24 Day Thread Celebrates The Rock

Dwayne Johnson made his WWF debut at Survivor Series 1996.

WWE tried (and failed) to celebrate the Rock’s 25th anniversary this past Sunday, so I’m picking up the dropped ball and dedicating today’s Day Thread to the Great One!

He started out as Rocky Maivia before evolving into The Rock.

The first time I ever saw him wrestle was the Survivor Series 98 PPV when he won the Deadly Game Tournament and was crowned the WWF Championship, aligning himself with Vince McMahon in the process. His feuds with Stone Cold Steve Austin, Mankind, and Triple H helped tip the scales in WWF’s favor against WCW in the Monday Night Wars.

Something to Discuss – Tell us your favorite match and/or movie featuring the Rock.

If you are traveling today to visit family or friends for Thanksgiving, please be safe.