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The Wednesday Politics Thread

Good morning, Politicadoes!

A quick reminder of all the good, the helpful, and the meaningful progress for communities long underserved that the newly signed Bipartisan Infrastructure package will bring about:

And all this has been done within the first ten months of the Biden-Harris Administration. Now imagine what three more years can accomplish. If there’s one thing we have learned in the last decade is that change is hard work; there are no miracle or quick solutions to years of obstructionism and centering Privilege. The last few months have been a reminder about legislative process, about Congress’s real job with a significant functioning body instead of an obstructionist one, and about understanding the procedure to implement meaningful change you can build on; it may not be perfect or to everyone’s liking, but reminding ourselves that there are communities, there are people, there are children who were a lot more affected by the conman’s years in office, and that halting any meaningful progress while waiting for the ideologically perfect solution only serves big egos instead of those in desperate dire need of relief. Centering these communities in need is of outmost importance when writing bills, working to get members of Congress’s support, pushing through committees, and finally voting on these desperately needed acts. If in your single-minded quest to punish the richest in this world, you obtusely disregard the harm, the cruelty your actions and your misinformation would cause the bottom 60%, then you’re doing Civil Service wrong. If in your rigid, unbending objective to punish the top 1% you willfully disregard the dire needs of the bottom 60%, then you’re doing Legislating wrong. If you repeatedly reject all Progressive meaningful advancement in matters of Equality, healthcare, and Equity for Women, for BIPOC, and for LGBTQI just because the top 1% might profit from such Progressive policies, then you’re doing Progress wrong. Take it for granted, the rich will always find ways to profit; profit from good policies, profit from bad policies, profit from cruel intentions, and profit from good intentions as well. Nothing will change a certain mindset – one that has been carefully cultivated and grown into seeking profit at the detriment of those they dehumanize and delegitimize – better than implementing policies and regulations that would strategically hinder Privilege’s most toxic machinations while handicapping its cruelty.

If you truly care about affecting long-lasting Progressive change, you center the people in need, you center children living in poverty, you center communities long underserved, and most importantly, you center all the ones who have been marginalized, othered, and punished by a cruel unjust system that has been falsely promising for decades that one day, if you give Privilege and Entitlement enough to satisfy their bottomless greed, that economics would finally trickle-down, that Civil Rights would be expanded, and that Equal Rights would become an unimpeachable reality.

But we all know by now that’s never going to happen. So let’s work on what actually can happen, what actually can positively impact lives today, tomorrow, and even the future in more meaningful lasting ways.

Have a great Wednesday, everyone. And for all those celebrating in the U.S., have a very restful, stress-free long Thanksgiving weekend!