Comic Book Chat – Justice Society of America

I always like to post anniversary threads of our beloved superheroes and villains to reflect on their histories and their place in the world today. I was doing some research a couple of Fridays ago and found out that 2021 is the anniversary of the debuts of Starman, Dr. Midnite, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, and the Atom.

Since its the week of Thanksgiving and its a holiday we typically spend with family and friends, I decided to give the group their due and post a discussion about the Justice Society of America, since these characters were brought together to form this superhero team.

Tell us what you love about the above named superheroes and the impact they have had on the DC Universe at large.

Who is your favorite member of the JSA and why?

What is your favorite run of the JSA and would you read a comic featuring this group if it was released today?

What is your favorite story or stories featuring the JSA?

I really got into the team during the 2007 series and I enjoyed the “sequel” to Kingdom Come later in the run. I am also a fan of when the JLA and the JSA would have their yearly team ups together back in the day.

I liked when the team made the jump to live action during the Smallville Absolute Justice episodes and their inclusion in the CW Arrowverse. Feel free to discuss their adventures in The Flash and Stargirl but try to keep the spoilers to a minimum.