Best Video Game Song Tournament, 2009-2012: Final Results and Housekeeping

Bronze Medal Match:

Adventure Time: Hey Ice King Why’d You Steal Our Garbage?!Party in the Clouds79Final Fantasy XIIIBlinded by Light


Bravely DefaultSerpent Eating the Ground123Final Fantasy XIII-2Run

And that’s it! A crazy tournament saw many favorites fall early, but in the end our love of epic JRPG final boss themes1 came through, as Serpent Eating the Ground is our champion.

We’ll start the next tournament, covering 2013-2016, on Monday, January 3rd. So make sure to spend December ignoring friends and family to prepare your nominees!

As per usual, I’ll be having a poll in the comments to see how people liked the length of the playoffs. I would like to try and keep a similar ratio of “playoff songs / total songs” for future tournaments, but as total nominees increase that results in an exponential increase in the length of the playoffs. Was the 3 weeks for the top 512 too much? Or was it a worthy price to allow so many more songs a chance to go far? And would pushing beyond even 512 be something you have the appetite for? Sound off in the comments!

Finally, you might remember a while back, I mentioned maybe changing how songs qualify for the playoffs in future tournaments, to reduce the impact of total voters in the round. After talking it over with you all and running some tests on old data, I’ve come to the conclusion that a new system wouldn’t really generate any improvements, and would just be confusing. So there will be no change moving forward; the next tournament will feature the classic “votes/total voters” percentage system we’ve been using for all the 21st century tournaments.