US Thanksgiving Sunday Food Thread 11/21

So this coming Thursday is Thanksgiving in the States. We’ll be doing the big family dinner with a lot of the traditional fare (turkey, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffing, pumpkin pie…). Rather than ask your favorite of those (which you can certainly talk about) I’m interested in which dish you’d miss least from the usual Thanksgiving table. I’m going to get it out there right off the bat, I don’t much care for turkey. I do cook the bird on a charcoal grill and it comes out really moist and tender with a good crisp on the skin and even a nice pink smoke ring on the meat. Even so I guess I’m just not that fond of poultry and would be happier with a roast or a ham or even a meatloaf. So it goes.

Enjoy your holiday and if you don’t celebrate it I’m sure you’ll still be eating this week, tell us about it!