The Thursday Politics Thread Gets Censured

Morning Politocadoes!

Rep. Paul Gosar (Q-AZ) has been censured in the House of Representatives and has lost committee postings for posting a video depicting himself in the anime “Attack on Titan” killing fellow congressional representative Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and President Joe Biden, depicted as rampaging, carnivorous “Titans”.Weeb shit aside, a video like this shouldn’t really be given a slide in the year of our Lord 2021. For one, this isn’t some cringe that bubbled up on Reddit and 4chan, this was posted by the congressman’s official account and he stood by it. Second, ten months ago, as the congressman must well know, a violent unruly mob stormed the Capitol, targeting specific members of Congress like Ocasio-Cortez, while attempting to stop the certification of President Biden’s election. You can’t just say it’s just a cartoon.

What’s that?

Oh, Representative Andy Biggs (Q-AZ) says it’s not a cartoon, it’s anime, DAD!

Fine, fine a-ni-me. Also, Andy Biggs has probably never actually watched Attack on Titan? There’s a reason that Gosar’s little gremlins latched onto it and its because overtly Fashy online types love Attack on Titan (sorry Andy, 進撃の巨人, I must respect your Mormon Otaku cred). Do not doubt Gosar has these online types working for him on his staff, Point of the series, at least in the beginning, is to join the military in an authoritarian state and hunt down and kill the monsters that destroy everything and eat your loved ones. It gets more complicated, it trades in some fascist themes, but it gets muddy and bad because the writer’s kinda dumb about it, so actual fascists are claiming it as their own.

A video like this made right now, endorsed by a serving member of Congress, sends the exact worst messaging. He can deny it all he wants, says it’s just a joke. But the thing with stunts like these and radicals like his supporters, is that it’s only a joke until it isn’t. I know I treated the Q Shaman as a joke for quite some time until January 6th, and now that man is serving a prison sentence for an attempted coup.

Gosar would only have two Republicans vote for his censure, Liz Cheney (_-WY) and Adam Kinzinger (R-IL). And that really speaks to where the Republican caucus is right now: Apologize for nothing and viciously fight against any sort of progress or even a return to normalcy. Gosar should be expelled, but he won’t be. And that speaks to the looming darkness coming for us. The more people like Gosar aren’t punished, the more likely they’ll try it again, by word or deed.

I’ll close with AOC’s speech on the Floor. She and other representatives are especially threatened for being women that want change. I admire them. But it must be traumatizing to return to the same chamber every day after an attempted coup and having to serve with people who don’t care if you live or die, but might prefer you dead.

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