The Day Thread Captures a Year on a Phone

Two years ago I did a birthday thread with 24 of my favorite images I’d ever captured with my cellphone camera. In that header I said I expected to take an ever-increasing number of pictures every year as the world opened up before me; that ended up not being the case, for obvious reasons. My photo count plummeted in 2020, as the ennui of the half-empty twilight world we were all thrust into drowned out any artistic ambitions. Why photograph what I’ve seen a thousand times?

But while my 24th year brought doldrums, it inspired me to make the most of my 25th! My photo count is once again up this year, as I bought a house, traveled the Southeast, got a promotion, had a leak destroy my bathroom, and once singlehandedly won pub trivia. So I decided to revisit the concept this year, with 25 photos specifically from the time that I’ve been 25 (a time that, today, draws to a close). In the last year I…

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