The (Birth)Day Thread of Cell Phone Photography

As of today I’ve been alive for precisely 24 years. But it’s only the last couple that I have a vivid, daily record of. I took more pictures in 2019 than in entire rest of my life up to that point; the same was true of 2018. This exponential rise has been because I now have an excellent camera in my pocket every single day, one that can take beautiful shots at a moment’s notice. I don’t claim to be a great photographer, or even really a serious hobbyist, but I do enjoy the ability to, with a double click of the power button and a tap on the screen, capture the image of moments, sights, environs that I like, so that I might fondly revisit them, or share them (often with you fine folks, since I don’t have really any other social media presence).

So to celebrate the 24th anniversary of my birth, I thought I’d share a gallery of 24 images I’ve captured with my cell phone of things that I like.

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