Tournament of Episode Titles: Nominations

I’ve got another week before I’m back to Farscape reviews, and I’m procrastinating at work. Let’s do this!

Episode titles are a beautiful thing. Sometimes they’re consistently themed, like on Friends; sometimes they’re all over the place. Sometimes they point to a vital theme of the episode; sometimes they’re named after an incidental detail. They can be allusions, poetry, lines of dialogue. They can be long or short, overused or unique. I love them all. Let’s pit them against each other and vote on a winner.

This round is just for nominations; you can upvote if you want, but I’ll have another round just for seeding up tomorrow.

Any episode title of a TV show, miniseries, or web series is fair game; titles of multi-part episodes can be submitted as a group.

If you could include the title of the show alongside the episode title, that would make my life in the future easier.