Favorite Mononymous Famous Person – Round of 32

I created this after watching Adele’s concert on CBS, and at that point, I didn’t know I would be flying on Saturday, so this might go quickly.

Because of that time restraint, the 118 names nominated gets crunched down to 32. To be fair, though, the vast majority of them only got 1 or 2 votes each. Raphael and Lizzo gets the sad placement of being tied with 7 points 33rd.

Some of these people DO have longer names, but they all have names that we instantly know who we are talking about. In general conversation, most people would hear the name “Elvis” and think of The King, not the British Alt-Rock star, (as talented as he is. Sorry, Mr. Costello.)

I’m amused, and feel guilty as a lapsed Catholic, that Gandhi got one more point than Jesus. Some of us are going to Hell.

We have famous people from Pop Music, Art, Philosophy, Sports, Kitsch Entertainment, Religion, Rock and Roll, and Muppet Land. But who is our Favorite one?

Let’s find out!