30 Day X-Files Challenge Day 16: Favorite Reyes Moment

This challenge was produced with the help of Sir Simon Milligan for the prompts!

Special Agent Monica Reyes, portrayed by Annabeth Gish, was introduced in season eight of The X-Files and became a series regular in season nine.  Reyes’ character was…kind of all over the place, often quirky, upbeat, and quick to believe in whatever supernatural events were going on that week, but also showed a tough side when needed.  She had been a longtime friend of John Doggett’s, and eventually the show wrote some “will-they-won’t-they” tension between the two.  Despite receiving a lukewarm (at best) reception from critics and fans, Reyes was brought back for seasons 10 and 11.

Prompt: What’s your favorite Reyes moment? Share any general Reyes discussion here as well!