Hipster Night Thread

Soccer was a five-piece band from Chapel Hill, NC formed in 19?? who released their debut album La Bohème II: Electronic Boogaloo on Coolidge Records in 1995. They released a second album in 1997 before breaking up in ????

(Seriously: aside from the links above, I found next to no info about this band – this home page for former bassist Paul Cardillo has an incomplete list of Soccer’s discography1 filed under “Other Projects”, and that’s about it!)

The term “hipster” predates “Hey Hipster!” by about 50 years, but the song (originally released as a B-side to a 7″ single in 1994) predates the rise in popularity of the contemporary usage of the term to describe certain types of people, music and fashion (often in a derogatory way, though the song itself is quite lighthearted in tone) by several years – how hip is that? I discovered this song via the late night radio show Brave New Waves on CBC radio, and perhaps a few more among you might discover its charms as well.

Have a Great Night Thread, Avocado!