Jumping on the Birthday Bandwagon Day Thread (this one goes to eleven)

On this day in 1963 not a lot of note really happened, except for me emerging on the scene. When I was really young schools would close on Armistice/Veterans’ Day but they did away with that by the time I was school age. There also used to be big parades and my father told me those were for me, that all went away too.

Anyway this day used to be a pretty big deal.

People also born on 11/11: Kurt Vonnegut Jr., Marshall Crenshaw, Demi Moore, Leo DiCaprio, Peaches, Stanley Tucci, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, George S. Patton, Calista Flockhart, Alger Hiss, Daniel Ortega, Barbara Boxer, Mose Allison, Jonathan Winters…

Have fun posting! And yes it is cool to have a birthdate of 11/11, take that Nigel Tufnel!