SS Edmund Fitzgerald ore hauler

Ten November Day Thread

Journeyman playwright Steven Dietz’s musical play Ten November remembers the wreck of SS Edmund Fitzgerald and the deaths of its entire crew of 29 not as sailors’ noble struggle against nature but as a clash of class, “a blistering rejoinder to the powers that be who whitewashed the tragedy as an act of God.”

“One section about the ore carrier serving as a ride for the rich each July has well-heeled guests drinking champagne and discussing shipwrecks on the Great Lakes, a macabre game of Trivial Pursuit played liked it was shuffleboard, the statistics of sunken ships and dead men reduced to a passing amusement.”

Eric Peltoniemi’s lush harmonies are reminiscent of the Roches and his elegiac instrumentation draws from the folk and Americana traditions of the ship’s largely Irish-American crew; the music of Ten November is a moving tribute to a human tragedy.

The call me Lake Superior
And many other names
That my gain will be your loss
That I’ll steal anything
From a little wedding ring
To splinters of the one true Holy Cross

The Lake’s Song