30 Day X-Files Challenge Day 9: Favorite Season 8 Episode

This challenge was produced with the help of Sir Simon Milligan for the prompts!

The X-Files’ eighth season debuted on November 5, 2000.  This season’s twenty-one episodes included encounters with metal-men, dream-hopping murderers, and time-reversing mysteries.  This season was also notable (or notorious) for introducing agents John Doggett (Robert Patrick) and Monica Reyes (Annabeth Gish), partly due to the events of the season seven finale.  Coincidentally, ratings continued to drop compared to previous seasons, and the critical accolades also kept dropping off.

Prompt:  What’s your favorite X-Files season 8 episode? 

Feel free to give us your complete episode ranking for this season, top 10 list, essential/nonessential/bad breakdown, general season 8 discussion, etc.  For reference, here’s a complete season 8 episode list in the order in which they originally aired, with links to their respective Wikipedia pages:

  1. Within
  2. Without
  3. Patience
  4. Roadrunners
  5. Invocation
  6. Redrum
  7. Via Negativa
  8. Surekill
  9. Salvage
  10. Badlaa
  11. The Gift
  12. Medusa
  13. Per Manum
  14. This is Not Happening
  15. Deadalive
  16. Three Words
  17. Empedocles
  18. Vienen
  19. Alone
  20. Essence
  21. Existence