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The Friday Politics Thread Joins Them

That’s right! I’m selling out! After the latest major artist/brand/NGO announced it was joining the blockchain and getting in on those nifty Non Fungible Tokens I took a good long look at everything and realized I too can be making tons of money off random libertarians on the internet and all it would cost is my soul (and the environment)

To that end we here at FridayCo are announcing our new NFT! If you buy today you get exclusive ownership (but not copyright or reproduction rights those still belong to mamma) of various pieces of digital artwork (Digiart) starring our new mascot NFTina!

“Why who is you NFTina?” You ask? Well she’s your best friend in the Etherium! Your girl with the Crypto! The next best fabricated celebrity since Codemiko! Her hobbies include: Listening to Grimes, reading Marx on Street Corners, getting into fights on twitter, playing with her dog Elon, digging for sex clams and knitting!

If any of this art interests you please pay FridayCo $69,420 dollars worth of Burgercoin and don’t under any circumstances left click and then right click save image! Thank you and remember our motto: FridayCo We don’t Hog Poggle or Threaten Mayor Mcsquirrel.