30 Day X-Files Challenge Day 5: Favorite Season 5 Episode

This challenge was produced with the help of Sir Simon Milligan for the prompts!

Season 5 of The X-Files premiered on November 2, 1997.  This 20-episode run included a Cher-loving creature, trailer park vampires, and a Stephen King collaboration.  Viewership peaked with the premiere episode “Redux”, which picked things up from the amazing season 4 cliffhanger.  The premiere was watched by over 27 million people before ratings started to decline.  Season 5 is widely considered one of the show’s best seasons by fans and critics alike.  It earned sixteen Primetime Emmy nominations, the most of any X-Files season.  Season five was originally planned to be the show’s final season, but its popularity pressed Fox to order two additional seasons.

Prompt:  What’s your favorite X-Files season 5 episode? 

Feel free to give us your complete episode ranking for this season, top 10 list, essential/nonessential/bad breakdown, general season 5 discussion, etc.  For reference, here’s a complete season 5 episode list in the order in which they originally aired, with links to their respective Wikipedia pages:

  1. Redux
  2. Unusual Suspects
  3. Detour
  4. The Post-Modern Prometheus
  5. Christmas Carol
  6. Emily
  7. Kitsunegari
  8. Schizogeny
  9. Chinga
  10. Kill Switch
  11. Bad Blood
  12. Patient X
  13. The Red and the Black
  14. Travelers
  15. Mind’s Eye
  16. All Souls
  17. The Pine Bluff Variant
  18. Folie à Deux
  19. The End