The Night Thread Covers The Night Thread of YouTube Covers

ScratStitch asked for someone to fill in for their night thread tonight. I already have the next two after this, but since no one else volunteered I decided to have some fun with this one.

Ever have a thread that sticks with you for no real reason? Beelzebot posted this back in May, and it was an excuse for everyone to post song covers they loved. I found a lot I enjoyed that night, and even set up a YouTube playlist to save the ones I liked the best. So…anyone up for doing it again?

I’ve always loved song covers; at their best they can make an old favorite song new again, or highlight what makes an artist unique. In my opinion, this one does both. This “Prince” guy is pretty good at making music, it turns out, but in a stripped down performance like this it’s even easier to appreciate just how perfectly crafted of a pop song “When Doves Cry” is. And this performance also highlights my favorite thing about the Barenaked Ladies, the harmonies bordering on perfection they were capable of back when Steven Page was still in the group.

Have a good night, everybody, and I’ll see you in the next header!