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Sports Corner Says “Bing Bong”

Hello, friends, and welcome to the return of Sports Corner. I have settled into my job enough that I have the time and energy to once more open the floor to discussions of the wide world of sports. My thanks to everyone who’s been keeping Sportvocadoes busy every weekend with the NFL thread, during the baseball playoffs, and prior to the NBA beginning the season (plus the cycling and cricket threads). In case you are new to Sports Corner, this is a space to talk about your favorite team, your favorite sport, your favorite athlete, or just whatever is going on in sports that has caught your interest.

And boy, it’s been busy. The World Series might or might not be over. The first college football playoff rankings are out. It was NFL trade deadline. NBA and NHL and Premiere League and the run up to the winter games. And far, far too much going on involving the dark underbelly of sport, especially but not exclusively in the NHL.

But even as we veer between the highs and the lows, we can take a moment to join the thousands of Knicks fans who glommed onto a viral video of a fan ready to enjoy a new season, and declare with them, “Bing Bong!” That is the sound of the PA system on the NYC subways as the doors close. It is a sound I have barely heard these past two years. It a sound of a city asserting itself and having the rare pleasure of rooting for a good basketball team. It is the sound of sports when sports is good. It is a sound to open the doors once more on my biweekly trip to the arena. Bing Bong indeed.