The Thursday Politics Thread Defends Local School Boards

Mornin’ Politocadoes!

Attorney General Merrick Garland testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Garland has been getting heat for a perceived lack of boldness from politicians to us lowly plebs in investigating the Crime President’s past crimes and the attempted coup on January 6th. But did you know that he was also in hot water for *checks notes* wanting to ensure school board meetings across the country are conducted calmly and safely?

That would appear to be the attack that Republicans on the committee came up with. Garland passed a memo recently that called for the FBI and U.S. Attorney’s Offices around the country to convene meetings with local officials to discuss strategies aimed at addressing the increase in threats. Local school boards have become a flashpoint for many issues that concern rightwing nutjobs such as mask and/or vaccine mandates, and the teaching of Critical Race Theory (even if it hasn’t been being taught).

The memo had been issued following a letter sent by the National Schoolboard Association requesting federal assistance in these instances, which the letter suggested in some cases should be treated as Domestic Terrorism. It is a reasonable concern, the harassment that local school board members has gotten so bad that many are choosing to quit just so they won’t be hassled. And this is a problem in itself as one of the current aims of the QAnon dorks is to take control at the local level, especially school boards since they’re ostensibly thinking of the children.

Naturally, the Republicans used this as a way to grandstand. They threw a hissy fit about the letter that the NSBA sent and the language it used (mostly the Domestic Terrorism bit) even though none of that language had been used by Garland’s memo (in my opinion it should have, this is terrorism). But that’s not important to increasingly old and dickish Chuck Grassley, or to treason mctraitor-face Josh Hawley, the important thing is to keep harping on this for play on Newsmas, OAN, and Tucker tonight. Let’s not talk about what the Department of Justice is doing to investigate the attack on Congress and who might have been involved. Let’s not seriously discuss the attacks and coordinated harassment campaigns of school board official across the country being terrorized by right wing extremists.

Garland stated that he has not placed any limits on the investigation into January 6th, or any of the ongoing investigations of the previous administration. I hope the DOJ has gumption to take on this because whether they want to believe it or not, one party is dedicated to doing nothing but encouraging this behavior. The clock is ticking. Places like local school boards are just the beginning. Virginia is getting a surge in Republican “poll watchers” for the upcoming Gubernatorial election. What’s going to stop them from pulling the crap they do at school board meetings or at the capitol on election volunteers? Who needs or wants that pressure? Terrifying.

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