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The Wednesday Politics Thread

For the first time ever in United States’ fascinating and passionate history, a sitting President made it openly his mission to center Women and put forth a national strategy with the objective of achieving Gender Equity and Equality.

In a land governed by words made law, nothing is of more significance than the language, the specific words used to highlight present and future governing priorities. From declaring White Supremacy as the nation’s top domestic terrorist threat, to shielding undocumented immigrants, to protecting those most marginalized and discriminated against, nothing moves a People more forward than the language its leadership uses to lay down the Law of the Land.

When you have a political party that is very much the embodiment of all the ills and toxicity of white supremacy, a party that often shifts the conversation away from pressing economic urgencies and progressive matters and centers it instead on further oppressing and villainizing Women, it becomes then comprehensive strategy to redefine the very status and ways a Nation addresses Women in order to take power away from white supremacy’s rhetoric.

As misogyny is a vile virus infecting the political spectrum from Right to Left, a virus that aided and abetted the election of the most toxic conman who brought the country on the brink of destruction, it becomes then necessary to address misogyny directly by putting an end to what far too many see as acceptable and par with the course when it comes to specifically how People who identify as Women are addressed, their Rights advanced and covered. Time to change norms and finally progress on the urgent fundamentals of Women’s Rights, that are Human Rights, that are Healthcare Rights, that are Abortion Rights, that are Rights to Economic Empowerment, and all the Rights that make a nation into a truer more just and more equal Democracy.

And naturally, to white supremacy, the most offensive portion of the Biden Administration’s National Strategy on Gender Equity and Equality is the intersection of Gender Equality and Criminal Justice.