The Day Thread says… GET OUT! GET OUT!

This header is dedicated to the song “Bell Swamp Connection” by the Mountain Goats, the highlight (in my opinion) of their 19th album Getting into Knives from Fall 2020, and one of their latter-day masterpieces in general.

It’s a song about the environment, but more than that, it’s a song about the dawning realization that you’re living in a dying world, and the fire alarm of panic that goes off in your head, screaming at you to get out while you still can, even though you know very well there’s nowhere to run to. It’s also just beautifully written and performed.

Let my eyes adjust
Try to read the markings on the slab
Weird alphabets I felt sure I hadn’t seen
Just before I passed out

Stars growing brighter
Me looking up
Like a lobster in a cage down in the depths
Beneath the bottom of a glass boat

And I heard a voice
From somewhere out beyond the free fall
Like a captive soldier
Just trying to warn his brothers
Get out!
Get out!
Get out!
Get out!