Let’s Talk Arrowverse – Aquaman Exists, Apparently

Another week means new episodes of Supergirl, Batwoman, Legends of Tomorrow, and Stargirl. I can only really speak to half of those, though, as I’m still far behind on Stargirl, and still haven’t gotten around to the latest Supergirl ep. But the episodes I did see this week were pretty good!

Batwoman 3×02: “Loose Tooth”

I gotta say, I’m liking Batwoman‘s new focus on a hunting down a different superpowered villain each week. It gives a sense of fun to the proceedings that the show hasn’t always managed, what with all the trauma and social commentary and graphic violence (though all that stuff’s still around.

Killer Croc’s design was great, and the scenes where he attacks his victims were wonderfully creepy; could’ve come right out of a horror movie. However, his defeat was just … anticlimactic. After all that buildup, how does Batwoman take down Killer Croc? “I threw a NET at him!”

Oh, and Ryan got to meet her birth mother this ep, which is theoretically big, but we’ll really need to wait till next week to see what the actual deal with this is.

But the big news is someone referenced Aquaman existing in the Arrowverse! Do you think that’s just a throwaway joke, or do they actually have permission from Warner Bros. to use the character?

Legends of Tomorrow 7×02: “The Need for Speed”

A fun little ep, showing the Legends adjusting to their new status quo, where they actually have to live with their screwups instead of galavanting away each week.

Highlight for me was definitely the Zari & Ava friendship scenes. I love that, despite different demeanors, those two really do approach the world in much the same way.

The Hoovenator was unexpected. So it looks like whoever blew up the Waverider is also trying to clean up the mess the Legends are making of 1920’s history (I assume it’s the same folks behind both, anyway). I mean, if someone wants to protect history, it’s not like blowing up the Legends would be unjustified.

Was kind of confused by the bit where Hoover’s pal was immediately bigoted against Gary and Behrad. Sure, Behrad’s a Muslim stoner and Gary’s a bisexual alien, but how does that guy know that?

Question of the Week: What’s your favorite design for a non-human-looking character?