The Booooooooo-k Nook (10/20)

Welcome to the Book Nook! The weekly thread for all book nerds on The Avocado.
This is the place to talk about books you’re currently reading, discuss genres, ask for recommendations, and post serious literary criticism.

As it’s currently Halloween season, this week the Booooooooo-k Nook is all about those tales that terrify and trepidate. So light a candle, ignore the figure you might be seeing from the corner of your eye, and tell us all what’s the scariest novel you’ve ever read.

(Novels only for this week. I am quite aware that the short ghost story is an extremely popular (and some would argue better) form of horror, which is why we’ll talk about those exclusively next week)

I would like this thread to continue to be a NO GIF/YouTube/social media embed zone as much as possible.