The Snuffy Night Thread is Here to Terrorize You

On a seemingly normal day on Sesame Street, Big Bird was enjoying his flowers, but bemoaning that he had to water them. Without warning, a demonic, possessed giant creature with bulging green eyes had entered his home. It was….SNUFFY!

Yes, yes, you all probably know Snuffy as Big Bird’s massive but extremely soft spoken best friend, but during his very first appearance on the series, he is fucking terrifying. He barely seems able to move, his enormous eyes just staring blankly ahead as he lumbers around. His voice, while still mellow, also comes across as strangely sinister, but that probably has to do with the GIANT BULGING GREEN EYES THAT WANT TO CONSUME BIG BIRD’S SOUL!

Snuffy’s first appearance also started an extremely ill-advised running gag that the “adults” on Sesame Street would never actually see them. Snuffy would always have some reason to leave when they showed up, whether it was brushing his teeth, remembering an errand he had to run, or someone he had to sacrifice for his master Satan, but the adults would always accuse Big Bird of “making Snuffy up” and would be kind of rude about it. After the gag went on for more than a decade, the show’s writers became concerned they were sending the wrong message to children: that adults wouldn’t believe them when they were actually telling the truth. That’s the “official” reason, at least, but let’s face it, it was probably exhausting to keep coming up with ways for Snuffy NOT to be seen by anyone but Big Bird.

And oh yeah, Snuffy stopped being a source of PURE NIGHTMARE FUEL, so that’s nice.

Happy posting, Avocados!