Avocado Weekly Movie Thread (10/19)

Welcome to the weekly movie thread, your place on the Avocado to talk about films! Have you seen something new in theaters? Caught a classic on streaming? Have very strong opinions and want to drop a hot take? This is the place for you!

Haunted houses are a beloved staple of horror films. After all, what’s scarier than having something terrible happen to you in an enclosed area that you cannot escape? It claustrophobic and eerie even before any spook-em-ups show up.

Crimson Peak

Sometimes the haunting happens in a traditional theme park style haunted house. A Victorian era place with many rooms, as in The House on Haunted Hill or Crimson Peak. Perhaps a ghost stalks the corridors? It’s hard to tell when things are dimly lit and shapes in the dark cannot be explained.

Paranormal Activity

Or perhaps the scares come to the place where you live. A home you come to every day and know every corner. Where the kitchen is. Where the hallway leads to. But simple things lead to our primal instincts, like in Paranormal Activity, The Amityville Horror, or Dream House. A door flies open leading to anything that could be at the end of the hallway. Or a thumping sound coming from downstairs, when you know it should be empty.

Sometimes it’s not even a house. Sometimes it’s a hotel, like in The Shining and 1408. Stephen King has an axe to grind with hotels, huh?

Today’s bonus prompt: what is your favorite haunted house in film?

Next week: unintentionally silly horror moments